The vehicle on-board camera

The dashcam: an asset for your safety!

  • Vehicle on-board camera

The vehicle camera: rock-solid efficiency!

We have known the classic means of protecting vehicles and transported goods such as the audible alarm and the GPS tracking system. However, these means remain insufficient in relation to critical events in everyday life (aggression, deterioration, accident, traffic violation, etc.). The dashcam is a mobile surveillance camera connected to an intelligent and communicating box. So, this set monitors the interior and / or exterior environment of the vehicle in real time. Also, it brings up the history of recorded videos. Coupled with a GPS location system, this tool remains the foolproof witness of events occurring around and inside your vehicle.

From the first days, the positive effects of the dashcam are felt:

  • Firstly, the on-board camera deters any malicious act
  • Secondly, it protects your load from theft and damage
  • Thirdly, it protects your workers from attack
  • Moreover, the on-board camera records the film of any road accident to determine the responsibilities
  • Also, the quality of driving improves for a reduction of transport costs
  • Finally, insurance premiums are falling
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What offer for the vehicle dashcam?

Smart Mobility provides on-board camera solutions for vehicles. These solutions adapt to each individual or company. This does not matter its size or its sector of activity. Smart Mobility analyzes the specific needs of each customer and provides them with an answer to their measure. It adjusts the software inside the central box. It also adapts the management software. Customer satisfaction remains our primary concern.

These on-board cameras for vehicles also have the GPS tracking function. This GPS tracking locates any vehicle in real time. The device stores the history of movements for later consultation. Finally, in the event of an anomaly, alerts and notifications are sent in real time to the vehicle owner.

The vehicle camera also has the GPS tracking function. This GPS tracking locates any vehicle in real time. The device stores the movement history for future reference. Finally, in the event of an anomaly, alerts and notifications are sent to the vehicle owner.

We distinguish the following basic features of the on-board camera:

  • Real-time video surveillance via 3G / 4G
  • Remote record playback
  • Combined display: video / GPS
  • Trip analysis in the event of an accident
  • Extension up to 4 cameras for the same vehicle
  • Driving quality measurement

You can benefit from the following advantages of the on-board camera:

  • Securing workers
  • Securing loads
  • Theft deterrence and damage
  • Witness in case of accident
  • Driving improvement
  • Reduced accidents and insurance premiums
  • Our high-tech on-board cameras offer you safety and efficiency. They offer the opportunity of many savings. With Smart Mobility, ride with confidence.

Monitor with GPS accuracy

The Smart Mobility mobile computing solution tracks and manages the company’s rolling stock and traveling personnel.

Up to now, the monitoring of nomadic people has made it possible to collect information entered on paper. This information offers neither reliability nor the means of checking its validity. Using the on-board camera with a SIM card, Smart Mobility allows you to collect and view a multitude of relevant information in real time. This information is: driving time, number of kilometers traveled, instantaneous speed, etc.

Subsequently, Smart Mobility also offers a consultation and monitoring service for mobile resources on the Internet. Thanks to its flexibility and configuration possibilities, this service allows customers to adapt the statistics to their business needs. Accessing the right information at the right time to make the right decision becomes a reality!

Finally, Smart Mobility is more than just geolocation software. It can be part of a complete and integrated ERP suite. This solution manages all the processes. From capturing the vehicle position to importing daily reports and integrating on-site activities.

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