Fleet management by GPS

  • Fleet management by gps

Fleet management by GPS: Services and benefits

Fleet management using GPS / GPRS technology has been developed in recent years by Smart Mobility.

Smart Mobility continually strives to meet and even anticipate the needs of its customers. Thanks to fleet management using GPS / GPRS technology, you ensure an immediate return on investment by taking advantage of the following benefits:

– Reduction of vehicle usage costs:

  • First of all, the fuel consumption
  • Then, the maintenance costs (brakes, tire, pads, …)

– Save time in administrative tasks:

  • First of all, the preparation of wages
  • Then billing customer
  • Finally, the exchange of information with drivers in real time

Smart Mobility uses localization and geolocation gps connectivity technologies to generate reports from which companies can optimize their fleet management:

– Improvement of quality of customer service in terms of:

  • Responsiveness to urgent missions

To achieve these benefits, Smart Mobility mainly relies on the following features for optimal fleet management:

  • Real-time location by GPS
  • Control of journeys and routes by geolocation
  • Fleet protection against theft
  • Activity planning

Our GPS fleet management solution is also accessible all the time and wherever an Internet connection is available. It can be viewed on all mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones for your convenience.

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Features of the fleet management

Smart Mobility offers configurable alert management. These alerts are transmitted in real time via email or SMS. The non-exhaustive list of alerts currently used is as follows:

  • Anti-theft for towing without ignition key
  • Sabotage following the power cut of the beacon, jamming of the GPS signal, …)
  • Anti-theft for movement outside authorized periods
  • Detection of a violent shock (bad driving, accident, …)
  • Fuel tank siphoning detection
  • Fleet management in all proactivity: periodic maintenance, technical control, insurance renewal deadline, …
  • Geofencing (zone exit, zone entry, reaching a defined location)
  • Driving style alerts: speeding, brutal acceleration, brutal braking,…
  • Alerts on measured parameters: temperature, fuel level, engine speed,
  • No travel for a certain period
  • Panic button in case of aggression or danger
  • Camera monitoring
  • And many other alerts that we can create at the request of our customers

Our team is always looking to design and develop innovative products and solutions around connected objects to help companies better control and manage their assets by optimizing their activities on site.

Smart Mobility fits your needs

Generally speaking, Smart Mobility works for businesses that need to monitor and manage mobile assets. This type of business is keen to reduce travelling costs, cut down on unproductive tasks and improve the service they provide to their customers. Smart Mobility is based on a flexible, upgradeable package. This product is therefore suitable for businesses of all sizes, active in all fields.

Initially our solution’s customers came from the world of transportation and distribution. Now, more and more businesses in the following sectors have been won over by this solution:

• Service industries: installation, the fire prevention and safety industry, after sales service, removal companies, polling organizations/marketing research enquêtes…
• maintenance and upkeep
• on-site projects: construction, electrical, heating, water supply projects…

This interest undoubtedly stems from a real need to develop customer loyalty and maximize customer revenue.

How to fit your needs?

• Do you need to be able to track your vehicle fleet in real-time?
• Have you the right assets which are allocated to the right assignment for your vehicles?
• Are you looking to make your handling of administrative tasks more efficient?
• Do you prove that your vehicle fleet is used exclusively for work-related purposes (CO² tax)?
• Are work-related journeys costing you more and more?
• Would you like to be able to take decisions while being in full possession of all the relevant facts?

If at least one of these scenarios is relevant to you, Smart Mobility is tailor-made for you.

So, do not hesitate to follow our news through the articles on our blog but also to browse our different applications and services related to connectivity and optimization of business management.

We are obviously at your entire disposal for any further information or request for a price offer. Thanks to our know-how, our team specializes in several areas of information technology and their applications in business management.

Contact us to discuss your expectations and how to meet them:

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